Unofficial Voting Station

Actions to Expand Voting Rights

Flyers by Erin Delaney and Aram Han Sifuentes

This list shares resources such as Voter Hotlines and how to register to vote without an address, in addition to demands that people can make to their state representatives. The disenfranchised have to rely on those who can vote to advocate for their rights. This list of demands serves as a starting point to inspire more specific demands to be made to your state and local representatives based on your state and local election laws and protocols.

About Erin Delaney

Erin Delaney is a Chicago based artist and organizer working in performance, ceramics and music. As an interdisciplinary artist, her work investigates productive collaboration between artist and audience through shared tasks and gift giving. Erin Delaney uses performance as a tool for alliance building, creating platforms for empathy and awareness in line with her social and political concerns.