Unofficial Voting Station

Can I Vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections in MA?

by Amara Morfin-Beltran

For the Unofficial Official Voting Station project, I chose to make a ballot where each participant could essentially nominate their own candidate. This project grew out of the idea during the current 2020 election, many people felt disillusioned by the fact that they had to decide between the lesser of the two evils for presidential candidate. In the tumultuous and uncertain times we are living in today. I hoped this project would give the participant a sense of control or affirmation even if for a few seconds that they still had power in claiming a candidate, even if figuratively. The ballot also has a box to draw or attach a picture of the candidate, or whatever you would like! On the ballot a series of questions about what a leader is or should be are examined and meant to be a thinking exercise in what that looks like to each of us. At the bottom the words “voting rights for all” is in bubble letters meant for coloring if one chooses. Those words were chosen to make people think about who cannot vote, and why they cant while they color. This part was added for an alternate or addition to the candidate nomination activity, and as a hopeful stress reliever. After the participant engages in the project my hope is that they feel like they had a moment to sit and think, to color, to wonder, and to make the affirming decision of nominating a candidate if they choose to do so.

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