Unofficial Voting Station


by Peter Schmisek

The illustration depicts a wildly hysteric President Donald Trump who appears to be (somewhat comfortably) stuck in a gloriously patriotic child’s swing-set. As he clings to the swing set frame, the chains supporting him are being clipped by three figures in a chivalrous effort to free him. On the uniforms of the figures we see the labels POC, STUDENTS, ELDERLY, and PWD. These labels represent the largest minority groups within the United States who are repeatedly the primary targets of voter suppression efforts. Thanks to the items in their tool box labeled “MAIL IN VOTING”, the figures have the most efficient tools to do what they need to, removing Donald Trump from more embarrassment in the voluntary and childish entanglement he has found himself in. While Mr. President doesn’t appear particularly interested in the removal of his previously-dangling throne, (one would think) it is inevitable at this point. I’d also imagine that it will give everyone else in the park some peace of mind, knowing that they won’t have to deal with this bombastic, delusional, holy terror of a being along with their disturbingly invective tirades for an additional 4 years.