Unofficial Voting Station

Voting Stickers for ALL

Stickers by Cute Rage Press (Aram Han Sifuentes and Ishita Dharap)

When people go to vote, they are given "I Voted!" wristbands and stickers. These are not only objects and items that the disenfranchised do not have access to, but these are symbols. People who vote often take selfies with their stickers and wristbands as a proud marker of their civic action. For the disenfranchised, we created Voting Stickers for ALL for all who voted in the Official Unofficial Voting Stations.

Aram using the Instagram filter

The Voting Stickers for ALL Instagram Filter was first premiered through Art Journal Open

About Cute Rage Press

Cute Rage Press is a collaboration between Aram Han Sifuentes and Ishita Dharap. It is a project centered around empowering womxn of color to call out and label oppression. Cute Rage is a term that describes when something is so cute that you want to express rage and aggression. It’s like when you see a baby animal and you just want to bite it or eat it. Ishita and I are pretty cute and we are filled with rage, hence the name Cute Rage. How much can we talk back and call out under the safety of our cuteness? We’re often told we’re really cute when we’re mad. So, we’re going with it and use it to call out white supremacy and patriarchy.

About Ishita Dharap

Ishita Dharap is an artist, designer and art educator working in Chicago, IL. Having worked with audiences across ages in formal and informal learning environments in India and the United States, Dharap’s practice employs reflection, imagination and play, often for the purpose of storytelling. She has an interdisciplinary background in art, design and experiential education, with over six years of experience creating and facilitating programs in schools, colleges and museums. Dharap received a Master’s in Art Education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2020 during a global pandemic.